Hello Dancers,

We celebrate Sharon's birthday Saturday at Kalispell International Folk Dance. Dance is from 7 to 10 p.m. at the
Salvation Army Community Center, 110 Bountiful Drive. Sorry I have to miss this week, but I hope Roger will be able to
introduce some of the dances that Ira Weisburd taught at Calgary two weeks ago. Happy birthday Sharon!

Contra dancing begins again in Kalispell on Nov. 2. Joe reports that Flathead Contra Dancers, Humanities Montana and
the Kalispell Senior Center are proud to bring a member of the HM Speakers Bureau to Kalispell on Nov. 2 to talk about
the history of ballroom dancing.
This FREE presentation ''From the Volta to the Foxtrot'' by Mark Matthews will include vintage films featuring such
historic dances as the turkey trot, Texas tommy and the foxtrot. The talk will range from Renaissance dances such as
the volta--Queen Elizabeth's favorite dance--up to the careers of Irene and Vernon Castle who, during the 1910s, set
the standards for modern ballroom dancing. The 1-hour presentation will take place at Kalispell Senior Center on
Saturday, November 2nd, beginning at 4 PM. 
Then, plan on grabbing a bite to eat and then, at 7:30,  returning to the Senior Center (403 2nd Ave. West) for the
First Contra Dance of the Season!  New Money will provide live music with Mark Matthews calling. $8/adults,
$5/students (through college), $18/family. Questions?  Call 261-2029

For more information about IFD events, plus past play lists and links to music, photos and videos, see our web
site at: http://montanafolkdance.org/flathead/ 

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DANCES 10-19-13

Lalica				Bulgaria	
Mori Odajo			Macedonia
Orijent                    	Serbia 
Sestorka			Serbia	
Kuma Echa			Israel	
Tzadik Katamar			Israel	
Sweet Girl (Sirun Ahchik) 	Armenia
Ajde Jano			Serbia	
Kol Dodi			Israel
Tervelska Tropanka		Bulgaria	
Le'or Chiyuchech		Israel	
Arnautsko Horo			Bulgaria-Pirin	
Siriul				Romania 
Clopton Bridge x4		England	
Miserlou			Greek-American	
Opinca				Romania	
T'Filati			Israel
Dvasti Tristi			Bulgaria	
Zensko za raka			Macedonia	
Ya da kalinushku lomala		Russia	
Bavno Oro			Macedonia
Go fanale edno mome		Macedonia	
Ta Vilina			Greece	
Valle Pogonishte		Albania	
Dobrudzanska Pandela		Bulgaria 
Hora veche (Muntenia)		Romania	
Sitna Zborenka			Bulgaria	
Sitno Malisevsko		Bulgaria	
Hore pe Seshe			Romaina	
Oi Devoiche			Bulgaria	
Lesnoto Makedonsko Devojce	Macedonia	

DANCERS 10-19-13

1.	Max
2.	Eva
3.	Connie
4.	Russ
5.	Missy
6.	Karen
7.	Jon
8.	Jackie Z
9.	Rose
10.	Don

Happy dancing,