Hello Dancers,

Kalispell International Folk Dancing will take place on Friday night this week, instead of Saturday, so the Contra
dancers among us can support the first Contra dance of the season on Saturday night without missing out on
international dance. We have been invited to gather Friday night at 7 p.m. at Max and Eva's home, right
around the corner from our Salvation Army dance venue. It's All Saints' Day! Bring a righteous little snack, if
you're so inclined.

Kalispell Contra dancing begins Saturday at the Kalispell Senior Center, 403 2nd Ave. West, and continues monthly
through the spring. The Contra dance Saturday night will be preceded by a free afternoon program on the history of
ballroom dancing, by Mark Matthews. The program, "From the Volta to the Foxtrot," starts at 4 p.m. and includes
vintage films featuring popular dances of the past. The Contra dance begins at 7:30 p.m. with live music by New
Money and caller Mark Matthews. Admission is $8/adult, $5/student or $18/family. Call 261-2029 for more information.

A Roros pols Workshop is scheduled in Helena on Saturday, Nov. 9, from 1 to 4 p.m. Rørospols is a Norwegian couple
dance that appears to date back to before 1500, according to info from Cecelia. The "pols" footwork is the same as
the hambo but counted differently. Susan and Mike Sweet of Missoula have agreed to meet with dancers in Helena to work
on Roros pols. If you're interested, contact Cecelia for directions and additional information. cecelia
AT notess DOT com

For more information about IFD events, plus past play lists and links to music, photos and videos, see our web site
at:  http://montanafolkdance.org/flathead/ 

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Here's the dance list from last Saturday:

Dances 10-26-13:

Ciganja			Gypsy  - Roger taught this dance that we learned at the Ira Weisburd workshop.
Hore pe Seshe		Romaina
Valle Pogonishte	Albania
Tino Mori		Macedonia
Ali Pasa		Turkey
Mori Odajo		Macedonia
Ciganja			Gypsy
Le'or Chiyuchech	Israel
Oi Devoiche		Bulgaria
Sitna Zborenka		Bulgaria
Dance Above the Rainbow	Ireland 
Cetvorno Shopsko Horo	Bulgaria
The Female  Saylor	English
Zensko za raka		Macedonia

Dancers 10-26-13:


Happy dancing!