Hello Dancers,

Next International Folk Dancing in Kalispell will be Saturday, Nov. 23, from 7 to 10 p.m., at the Salvation Army Community
Center gym, 110 Bountiful Drive. This week we welcomed Michelle, a new dancer, and had a relaxed session that wrapped
up a little early. Prepare for the cold weather this weekend, but we can dance off a few calories to get ready for
turkey day!

For more information about IFD events, plus past play lists and links to free music, photos and dance videos, see our
amazing web site at http://montanafolkdance.org/flathead/ 

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DANCES 11-16-13

Ma Navu			Israel	
Seta			Serbia	
Hava Nagila Techno	Israel	
More Pile Slavej Pile	Macedonia	
Zemer Atik		Israel	
Miserlou		Greek-American	
Siriul			Romania
Slow Singing Pravo	Bulgaria	
Arnautsko Horo		Bulgaria-Pirin	
Le'or Chiyuchech	Israel	
Zemer Atik		Israel	
Jacob's Ladder (Sulam Yaakov)	Israel	
Ciganja	Gypsy 		Romania
Devichya Khorovodnaya (Russian Circle)	Russia	
Hora Ciobanita		Romania	
Ken Yovdu		Israel	
Hore pe Seshe		Romania	
Lalica			Bulgaria	
Sitna Zborenka		Bulgaria
Ta Vilina		Greece	
Hora veche (Muntenia)	Romania	
Yovano, Yovanke		Macedonia	
Dobrudzanska Pandela	Bulgaria	


1.	Russ
2.	Max
3.	Eva
4.	Jackie V
5.	Jackie Z
6.	Roger
7.	Michelle
8.	Don
9.	Rose
10.	Jon
11.   	Karen
12.   	Connie

Happy dancing,